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Mobile Police Department

The Mobile Police Department has rewarding career opportunities for men and women.

The Mobile Police Department is on the search for willing and capable men and women to work as a team at highly-specialized assignments, medical emergencies and other possible life-threatening situations to protect life and property for the City of Mobile, Alabama.

From the Chief,

The Mobile Police Department is the largest agency in the region and the second-largest city in the State of Alabama. With proper growth and financial sustainability, we are destined to become the largest City in the State within the coming years. With nearly 500 hundred police officers we are no doubt the premier police department in the region.
Becoming a Mobile Police Officer is no doubt a challenge. If you are looking for challenge, non-routine work environment and the opportunity to commit to something larger than yourself then just maybe you are looking to become part of the team…Mobile’s Finest. We are looking for individuals who are no longer satisfied with sitting on the sidelines and are willing to suit up and get on the field. Changing lives, solving problems, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves are what we are about.
The Mobile Police Department offers competitive pay, health insurance, benefits and a great pension plan for a solid retirement. Having worked in virtually every aspect of the Department and being promoted through the ranks, is a testament that hard work, dedication, commitment, and having a servant’s heart provides for upward mobility, advancement, and experience like no other organization. We promise to provide the best training and experience in law enforcement that you will not get anywhere else in the region. Becoming a Mobile Police Officer and gaining a position on the team takes commitment and work. BUT if you are committed and have a teachable spirit then we want to hear from you!
Chief Paul O. Prine
Mobile Police Department

A Great Career Opportunity

The Mobile Police Department offers many benefits, beneficial resources, professional training and services to qualified individuals ready to forge their future with our current team.

No Experience Necessary

Our team of professionals will train and guide you through each situation, process and strategy to securely, safely and successfully complete each mission and project in the city of Mobile, Alabama.

We are making Mobile the safest city in America. We strive to keep our promise by providing fair and equal law enforcement to all citizens.

Apply today to be the change tomorrow.

Benefits We Offer:

Mobile Police and Fire Pension Fund
Paid Military Leave
Hundreds of Opportunities Within 18 Different Entities
Competitive Pay and Rotating Shifts
Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
Tuition Reimbursement
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